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A Packing Slip, also known as a packing list or shipment list, is a document that accompanies a shipment and details the specific items included in that shipment. It does not include pricing information, making it different from an invoice.

Detailed Explanation

The primary purpose of a packing slip is to inform all parties involved – the shipper, carrier, and recipient – about the contents of the package. It aids in the verification process, ensuring that the shipment is complete and accurate. In cases where shipments consist of multiple boxes or containers, the packing slip helps in identifying which items are in which box.

Key aspects of a packing slip include:

  • Order Verification: Allows the recipient to verify that all ordered items have been received.
  • Inventory Management: Helps businesses track products as they move through the supply chain.
  • Return Processing: If a customer needs to return items, the packing slip can serve as a reference for the original order.
  • Documentation: Provides a record of shipped items for both the sender and receiver.


An online retailer sends a package containing a shirt, a pair of shoes, and a hat. The packing slip inside lists these three items, their quantities, and any other relevant details.

A manufacturer ships parts to a client. The packing slip lists each part’s serial number and quantity.

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Frequently asked questions about Packing Slips

Is a packing slip the same as an invoice? No, while both detail the items associated with an order, an invoice includes pricing information and is used for billing purposes, whereas a packing slip does not contain price details.

Is it mandatory to include a packing slip in shipments? While not always legally required, it’s a best practice to include a packing slip, especially for business shipments, to ensure order accuracy and facilitate returns.

What details are typically found on a packing slip? Common details include the sender’s and recipient’s addresses, order number, date, list of items, quantities, and any special instructions.

How do businesses generate packing slips? Many order management systems and e-commerce platforms have features to automatically generate packing slips based on the order details.

What should a recipient do if the items received don’t match the packing slip? They should contact the sender or customer service to report the discrepancy and seek resolution.

Can a packing slip be used for international shipments? Yes, but for international shipments, additional documentation, like customs forms, may also be required.


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