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ShipBuddies handles your Order Fulfillment as if we were part of your company. Every detail, from the speed in which your customer’s shipment goes out, to the way in which their box is packaged, is handled with a perfectionist mindset. We will always strive to exceed your customers’ expectations on every shipment that leaves our warehouse.

Our team consists of experts with first-hand experience in  eCommerce, retail, and shipping logistics. We know what your customers expect and we are always happy to help!


ShipBuddies is a company built on consistency and trust. When you work with us, you have peace of mind knowing that your packages will go out on time, each and every day. We have implemented quality assurance checks on each step of the process to ensure every order is handled with the highest standards. Our goal is to make the entire process simple and stress-free for your company.

We act as a seamless extension of your company and would love to handle all of your order fulfillment needs so you can focus on your business!

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Our Strong Points

When you outsource any part of your business, you want a company that will do it just as good, if not better, than if you did the job yourself. That is exactly the goal we set out to accomplish.

At ShipBuddies we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations and delivering a service that can actually save you money. With our deeply discounted shipping rates, and logistical training, we can work with you to provide an amazing order fulfillment service at unbeatable prices. 

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Simple and Stress-Free

Efficiency Meets Simplicity

At ShipBuddies we make the entire process of hiring us for Order Fulfillment as easy as possible. From free seamless integrations with your sales channels, to the ability for real-time monitoring, we have your needs covered. 

Our team loves what they do, and takes great pride in providing value that is unmatched in the industry. With friendly and knowledgeable customer service and dedicated account executives, we help ensure a stress-free partnership. Not only do we work to ensure your happiness, but we strive to exceed your customer’s expectations on each order.

ShipBuddies Saves You Time and Money

We enable you to focus on your business, while we handle the rest

When you no longer have to worry about daily order fulfillment, you are able to focus on growing your business. Let ShipBuddies handle your daily shipping, inventory, and storage needs and provide the peace of mind that everything is being expertly handled.

ShipBuddies will save you time and money by offering heavily discounted shipping rates and other cost-saving options, while providing top-tier quality for all your shipping fulfillment needs.

Always Included - Free

Our goal is to see your business flourish and therefore we provide the tools to help. When it comes to Order Fulfillment, we have you covered!

What to Expect

When you work with ShipBuddies, we will be there every step of the way. Every ShipBuddies Team Member is always ready to help!

We Solve Real Problems

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Dedicated Customer Support

You will have a dedicated team of ShipBuddies Account Executives to help with any questions regarding your account. Our team members are always available and happy to help!

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Transparent Billing

You will see the exact breakdown of costs and services. We show you every detail to make it simple and transparent.

Discounted Shipping

Due to our large shipping volumes, we negotiate discounted rates with every shipping carrier and pass those discounts on to you.

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