Shipping Label


A shipping label is an adhesive or printable document that contains key information such as the sender’s and recipient’s addresses, package weight, and tracking number. It is affixed to the package being shipped and serves as a guide for carriers during the delivery process.

Detailed Explanation

Shipping labels are your package’s ID. They tell carriers where to go and what to do.

They’re more than just addresses. They contain barcodes and tracking numbers. This helps in real-time tracking.

Why are they vital? They ensure accuracy. A wrong label can send a package states away from its intended destination.

In e-commerce, they’re automated. Most online platforms generate labels as soon as an order is placed. This speeds up the shipping process.


Online Retail: An e-commerce platform automatically generates a shipping label when a customer orders a new pair of shoes. The label is then affixed to the package before it leaves the warehouse.

Subscription Box: A monthly beauty box service uses shipping labels to send personalized packages to subscribers. Each label contains specific information, including the subscriber’s chosen delivery date.

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Frequently asked questions about Shipping Labels

What information is typically found on a shipping label? Sender and recipient addresses, package weight, carrier information, and a tracking number are usually included.

Can I create my own shipping labels? Yes, many carriers offer online tools to create and print your own labels.

How do shipping labels work in international shipping? For international shipments, additional information like customs declarations may be included on or with the shipping label.

What happens if a shipping label is incorrect or damaged? An incorrect or damaged label can delay delivery and may result in additional charges to correct it.

Are shipping labels always physical labels? While physical labels are common, some systems use electronic or digital labels that can be scanned from a mobile device.



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