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Kit/Kitting refers to the assembly of individual items into ready-to-ship sets or kits. These kits are often assembled in advance and stored as a single unit, allowing for quicker order fulfillment when a kit is purchased.

Detailed Explanation

Kitting is a common practice in order fulfillment, especially in industries where multiple items are often sold together. By pre-assembling these items into kits, businesses can reduce the time and effort required to pick, pack, and ship orders. This not only speeds up the fulfillment process but also reduces the chances of errors, as workers are picking one pre-assembled kit instead of multiple individual items.

Key aspects of kitting include:

  1. Efficiency: Reducing the number of picks in an order can significantly speed up the fulfillment process.
  2. Accuracy: Pre-assembled kits reduce the chances of an incorrect item being shipped.
  3. Inventory Management: Kits can be tracked as a single SKU, simplifying inventory tracking and management.
  4. Customization: Kits can be tailored to specific promotions, seasons, or customer preferences.


A cosmetics company might offer a “summer essentials” kit, which includes sunscreen, lip balm, and aloe vera gel. Instead of picking and packing these items individually for each order, workers can quickly grab the pre-assembled kit.

A toy store selling a model airplane might offer a kit that includes the model, paint, and brushes.

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Frequently asked questions about Kitting

What’s the difference between kitting and bundling? While both involve grouping products, kitting typically refers to pre-assembling items into ready-to-ship units, while bundling might be more promotional, grouping products for a discount without pre-packaging them.

How does kitting affect inventory management? Kitting can simplify inventory tracking. Instead of tracking each item in a kit separately, businesses can track the kit as a single SKU.

Are there challenges associated with kitting? Yes, kitting requires accurate forecasting to ensure the right number of kits are assembled. Overestimating can lead to overstocked kits, while underestimating can lead to stockouts.

How does kitting benefit customers? Kitting can lead to faster order fulfillment and delivery. Additionally, kits can offer customers a convenient way to purchase complementary products together.

Can kits be customized for individual customers? While standard kits are pre-assembled, some businesses offer customizable kits where customers can choose the items they want included.

Is kitting suitable for all types of businesses? While many businesses can benefit from kitting, it’s especially useful for those that frequently sell multiple items together or want to offer promotional sets.


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