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Delivery Note, also known as a dispatch note or packing slip, is a document included in a shipment of goods. It lists the products being delivered but doesn’t typically show the price or payment details.

Detailed Explanation

In the context of ecommerce and order fulfillment , a delivery note serves as a reference for both the sender and the recipient. For the sender, it confirms what items have been packed and dispatched. For the recipient, it provides a checklist to ensure all ordered items have been received.

The delivery note is especially crucial when the invoice is sent separately or has been provided in advance. It allows the recipient to cross-check the items received against items ordered without seeing the cost, which is particularly useful for gift deliveries or dropshipping scenarios.

While the exact details on a delivery note can vary, they typically include the sender’s and recipient’s details, order number, product names or descriptions, and quantities. Some delivery notes might also have a space for the recipient to sign as acknowledgment of receipt.


An online retailer sends a pair of shoes to a customer. The box includes a delivery note listing the type, brand, size, and quantity of the shoes, but not the price.

A company sends promotional materials to a trade show. The delivery note lists the various items in the shipment, allowing the event team to verify they’ve received everything.

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Frequently asked questions about delivery notes

What’s the difference between a delivery note and an invoice? While both relate to an order, a delivery note lists the items shipped without showing prices, whereas an invoice provides a detailed breakdown of products, prices, and payment details.

Is a delivery note legally required? While not always legally required, it’s a best practice in e-commerce and order fulfillment to ensure accurate and transparent deliveries.

How is a delivery note used in the returns process? If a customer wants to return an item, referring to the delivery note can help identify the product and order details, streamlining the returns process.

Do all e-commerce shipments include a delivery note? While most do, it can vary based on the retailer’s practices and the nature of the order (e.g., digital products might not have a delivery note).

How does a delivery note enhance the customer experience? It provides clarity to the customer about what items should be in the package, helping them quickly verify their order’s accuracy.

Can delivery notes be digital? Yes, with the rise of e-commerce and digital tools, some businesses send electronic delivery notes, especially for services or digital products.

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