Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Packaging for Ecommerce Orders

In the past, packaging was seen as a necessary evil. It protected products and made them easy to transport from place to place but it came at the cost of wasted resources, time and money.

However, in today’s world where more people are becoming eco-conscious consumers who want their purchases to have minimal impact on the environment, this has changed dramatically. Consumers now care about what they buy and how it is packaged for delivery. They seek out businesses that offer sustainable solutions for packaging like those offered by ecommerce companies such as Amazon or eBay; Both of whom have begun using eco-friendly materials like bio-plastics which can be composted along with other organic material in landfills or biodegradable plastics which break down into harmless byproducts.

These consumers are not only looking out for their own personal health and safety but they are also ensuring that future generations will have a healthy planet to enjoy as well.

What is eco-friendly packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging can be defined as sustainable packaging that contributes to the health of people, animals and the environment. Eco-friendly is used instead of recycled because it may not necessarily always involve using recycled materials for products such as:

  • Shrink wrapping film which once used cannot be reused again but can be recycled along with other plastics
  • Cardboard packaging made from recycled materials which can then be used in furniture, clothing or other products
  • Biodegradable plastics which break down into biogas and water making them safe for landfill disposal

Why Should You Choose to Offer Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Here are some of the reasons you should purchase products that come in eco-friendly packaging:

1. You will help reduce the amount of waste in landfills and oceans

2. You will ensure a cleaner future for your children and grandchildren

3. You are making environmentally safe choices while still getting good value for your money

4. You will be contributing toward a better world that is safer for those who live in it

5. You are making the right decision by choosing to ship your products in eco-friendly packaging as their manufacture and transport will also have less of an impact on the environment

4 Tips for Moving to Eco-Friendly Packaging and Shipping

Here are some tips to help you transition from using disposable packaging and shipping methods to more eco-friendly forms of delivery:

Choose the Right Package Size

The simplest way to reduce the amount of packaging you will need is to make the container your products ship in as small as possible. That of course will mean less area to fill around the product to secure it safely.

Select Materials That Are Recyclable

Look for packaging materials made out of recyclable or compostable materials. This prioritizes the use of materials that are already being used and prolongs their life-cycle versus using one-time use materials like plastics that are bad for the environment.

Don’t Be Afraid of Minimalistic Designs

Sometimes ecommerce store owners think they have to go with fancy packaging to wow their customers. Sometimes less is more.

Think of the packaging Apple products come in today. For the most part, they are plain white boxes. Yet, people love the products and the unboxing experience of a new Apple gadget.

Marketing Your Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

Regardless of how eco-friendly your packaging is, you can’t maximize its impact if your customers don’t know about it! The fact remains that the retail supply chain effectively ends with the consumer, and eco-friendly packaging can be a real differentiator.

Take the example of plastic straws: an eco-branding company recently bought two competing brands of paper straws, one labeled as ‘eco-friendly’ and the other not. They found that while sales were similar for both products initially, after six months the environmentally friendly brand was bringing in three times more revenue than its competitor! If you’re wondering how a company that sells specialized packaging can use marketing to grow market share, it just goes to show that a little eco-friendly branding can work wonders.


Eco-friendly packaging is a great way to differentiate your brand and stand out from competitors. Whether you’re selling eco-friendly products or not, it can be an effective marketing strategy for increasing sales. Contact us today if you want more information on our services or would like to schedule a free consultation where we will assess the scope of work required before quoting a price estimate that best suits your needs.

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