Utilizing Package Inserts to Enhance the Customer Experience

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It is no secret to ecommerce business owners that it can be challenging to attract new customers. Even harder sometimes is retaining those customers. Package inserts can be a great way to make customers feel special and build customer loyalty.

Package inserts – which can be printed items, small gifts, or other surprises – are an inexpensive way to market to your customers and keep them coming back. These inserts can drive more sales, encourage referrals, and turn one-time purchasers into customers for life.

In terms of effort and cost, package inserts can offer a great ROI. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using package inserts if you are not already:

  • It will cost you less to include your insert with an existing package than to mail it separately.
  • You can use them to promote cross-sell opportunities based on what the customer already ordered, much like a popup window or suggested additional items section on your website.
  • You can tailor them to specific customers based on what they ordered. This can help to increase brand loyalty. For example, if someone bought a cooking pot, you can send them a small catalogue with recipes that can be cooked using that specific pot.

There are different types of package inserts you can use to make your packages stand out. Here are four examples:

Thank You Notes

Maybe the simplest use of package inserts is a simple thank you note. In today’s digital world, a personalized note can really make you stand out from competitors.

For smaller ecommerce businesses just getting started, a handwritten note can be a great touch to build customer loyalty. For larger companies, that can be nearly impossible to keep up with, but a note addressed to the customer with a few personal details about what they ordered can still go a long way. It could still be printed in a script type font or one that looks more handwritten than your traditional basic fonts.


Coupons might be the most popular insert used today. Of course, you could easily send the customer an email with a discount code. You could send out some sort of piece of physical mail offering a special price on their next order. However, including it in their shipment is a great way to make sure that they actually see it and it does not just end up in their virtual or physical trash.

A few options for coupons include:

  • Offer them a flat percentage off their next purchase.
  • Give them a coupon for free 2-day shipping on their next order.
  • You can give them a specific dollar amount off their next order providing the total order is over a certain amount, thereby encouraging them to order again and perhaps enticing them to buy a little more than they may have otherwise.
  • Provide them with two coupons or discount cards. One to be used by them and one that they can share with someone they know. You encourage them to reorder while also potentially gaining a new customer as well.

If you have a product with a good reorder rate already, you might want to consider using that last tip and making the offer too good to pass up. That will encourage your customer even more to share the offer with a friend. Even if you lose money or break even on the first order, gaining a customer that reorders frequently will be more than worth it.

Gifts or Free Samples

Adding a small gift to an order is a great way to surprise your customers and add even more value to what they purchased. Everyone likes surprises.

You can add things like pens and sticky notes with your logo branded on them.

If you make the gift match what the customer ordered, it can be even better. For example, if sold cookware, adding a pair of pot holders to a customer’s first gift would be both thoughtful and practical.

Another great idea is to include free samples of other products or lines of products you sell. It is a great way to introduce customers to the rest of your product line or to launch new products.

Ask for a Review

They have placed their order. They now have it in their hands. Now is a great time to ask the customer to leave a review of your product. Give them links directly to where you collect reviews, whether it is on your own website, Google, Amazon, Facebook, or somewhere else.

You can also ask them to post on their own social media accounts and tag yours. This provides a great opportunity for you to share these posts and show customers with your products in their hands. You cannot beat this kind of social proof when marketing a product or service. It will also increase brand awareness, getting your company name and products out there.

Try it For Yourself

The bottom line is that in a competitive market utilizing package inserts to enhance the customer experience can make your business stand out from the crowd. It could also be the difference between customers buying from you again or not.

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