Shipment Tracking


Shipment tracking refers to the process of monitoring and tracing the journey of a package or consignment from its origin to its destination, providing real-time updates on its status and location.

Detailed Explanation

In the realm of e-commerce and order fulfillment, shipment tracking has become an essential service. It offers multiple benefits:

  1. Transparency for Customers: Customers can know where their package is at any given time, reducing uncertainty and enhancing trust.
  2. Operational Efficiency for Retailers: Retailers can monitor shipments, address issues in real-time, and ensure timely deliveries.
  3. Accountability for Carriers: Carriers can provide evidence of delivery, reducing disputes and claims.

Shipment tracking typically begins when a package is dispatched. A unique tracking number is assigned, which can be entered on the carrier’s website or app to view the shipment’s status. Updates might include milestones like “dispatched,” “in transit,” “out for delivery,” and “delivered.”

With advancements in technology, many e-commerce platforms now integrate tracking features directly, sending automated notifications to customers at different stages of the delivery process.


A customer orders a book online. Once shipped, they receive an email with a tracking number. By entering this number on the postal service’s website, they can see the book’s journey from the warehouse to their doorstep.

An e-commerce giant offers a mobile app where customers can log in and view the real-time location of their package on a map, with an estimated delivery time.

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Frequently asked questions about shipment tracking

Why is shipment tracking important for e-commerce businesses? Shipment tracking enhances customer trust, reduces inquiries about package whereabouts, and improves the overall shopping experience.

How do customers access shipment tracking information? Typically, customers receive a tracking number via email or SMS, which they can enter on the carrier’s website or app. Some e-commerce platforms also provide tracking details directly on their sites.

What happens if a package shows as “delivered” but the customer hasn’t received it? Customers are usually advised to check with neighbors, building security, or other household members. If still unresolved, they should contact the seller or carrier for further assistance.

Can shipment tracking be used internationally? Yes, many carriers offer international tracking, though the level of detail and frequency of updates might vary based on the destination and carrier.

How has technology enhanced shipment tracking? Modern technologies, such as GPS and IoT devices, have made real-time tracking more accurate. Integration with mobile apps and automated notifications has also improved the user experience.

Is shipment tracking available for all types of shipments? While most commercial shipments offer tracking, some basic or economy postal services might not provide detailed tracking features.

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