A mispick occurs when an incorrect item is picked from inventory and included in a customer’s order during the fulfillment process. This error leads to the shipment of wrong products to customers, resulting in returns, exchanges, and potential dissatisfaction.

Detailed Explanation

Mispicks are a common challenge in warehouse management and order fulfillment. They can occur due to various reasons, such as mislabeled products, human error, or miscommunication in the picking instructions.

Mispicks not only affect customer satisfaction but also increase operational costs due to the need for returns processing, additional shipping, and inventory adjustments.

To minimize mispicks, businesses often implement quality control measures, such as barcode scanning, automated picking systems, and regular inventory audits.

Training staff, improving warehouse organization, and using advanced inventory management software also play a crucial role in reducing the likelihood of mispicks.


In an ecommerce warehouse, a worker mistakenly picks a blue sweater instead of a red one ordered by the customer. The mispick is identified when the customer receives the wrong color and requests an exchange.

During a busy holiday season, a toy store experiences a mispick when a similar-looking but different toy is shipped to a customer, leading to a return and reshipment of the correct item.

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Frequently asked questions about Mispicks

What are the common causes of mispicks in order fulfillment? Common causes include human error, incorrect product labeling, poor warehouse organization, and inadequate inventory management systems.

How can businesses reduce the occurrence of mispicks? Implementing barcode scanning, using automated picking systems, providing thorough staff training, and conducting regular inventory audits can help reduce mispicks.

What impact do mispicks have on a business? Mispicks can lead to increased costs due to returns processing and reshipping, along with potential damage to customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Are mispicks more common in certain types of warehouses? Mispicks can occur in any warehouse but are more prevalent in facilities with manual picking processes and complex inventory assortments.

How do customers typically respond to mispicks? Customer responses can vary, but mispicks often lead to returns, exchanges, and in some cases, dissatisfaction or loss of future business.

Can technology completely eliminate mispicks? While technology can significantly reduce the likelihood of mispicks, it may not completely eliminate them due to factors like system errors or data inaccuracies.

Is there a standard acceptable rate for mispicks in the industry? While there’s no universal standard, most businesses strive for as low a rate as possible, with continuous improvement efforts in their order fulfillment processes.

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