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The supplement industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in the past two decades. In terms of growth, online supplement purchases have tracked well above ecommerce averages during that time.

That all sounds like great news for owners of supplement and vitamin ecommerce stores, but it also means that there has been an enormous increase in competition. New supplements are constantly entering the market. This is especially the case with ones that are sold online because of the lower expenses involved compared to getting them on store shelves.

For ecommerce store owners in the supplement field, this means offering a great customer experience from the time they hit your website until their order is at their doorstep.

One solution is partnering with a third-party logistics company which will help you quickly and accurately fulfill orders, cut shipping costs, manage your inventory, and handle any service issues that may arise with an order.

Choosing the Right 3rd-Party Logistics Company for Your Supplements Business

There are a lot of 3PL companies out there to choose from, and picking the right one might seem overwhelming. You need someone who can take care of your order fulfillment, track inventory, and provide automation for your entire order processing.

In addition, you need an order fulfillment partner who will also diligently track expiration dates and provide the proper storage environment for your products.

Some of the goals in working with a 3PL partner should be to:

Automate Your Order Fulfillment

Most order fulfillment providers today will be using software that integrates directly with your ecommerce platform. This integration will allow orders placed on your store to be automatically sent from your Shopify, WooCommerce, or other online store directly to the 3PL’s order fulfillment center.

This type of integration makes order processing and fulfillment much faster and much more accurate than having to manually deliver orders to a fulfillment center.

Integration like this also allows for accurate tracking of inventory and customer order information and for that data to be pushed back to your ecommerce store.

For the supplement and vitamin market, subscription services make up a large portion of sales and are extremely important to the success of most businesses. This should be handled through your ecommerce platform, but the integration with the order fulfilment partner will make sure that customer orders go out consistently on time. Customers start to expect their order the same time every week, month, quarter, etc.

Allow You to More Efficiently Manage Your Supply Chain and Manufacturing

A good third-party logistics provider will provide you with detailed inventory analytics and management data. This is extremely important in the supplements and vitamins market where products have an expiration date.

Ordering too much inventory and being stuck with overstock will result in losses that could have been avoided.

Ordering too little inventory will mean you are not able to effectively keep up with demand and can result in fulfilment delays, lowering customer satisfaction.

Provide Fast, Affordable, and Accurate Deliveries to Your Customers

There is no secret in the ecommerce industry about what the Amazon Prime effect has caused. Customers expect deliveries to be in their mailbox or at their doorstep faster than ever before. Two-day shipping has become the standard, not the exception.

The longer your delivery time is the more likely a shopper is to go look at what a competitor is offering.

Working with a shipping fulfillment partner can allow you to offer 2-day shipping to your customers at an affordable price.

ShipBuddies’ Supplement and Vitamin Fulfillment Services

ShipBuddies specializes in order fulfillment services for supplement and vitamin ecommerce businesses. We know the industry and its many unique challenges very well.

“When looking for a shipping fulfillment company, we had many specific requirements that needed to be met. ShipBuddies handled our specifications with ease and never made it seem like a burden. We wanted a company that was friendly, experienced, and reliable. Our top priority is customer satisfaction and therefore it is essential that our orders are processed quickly and accurately.”

-Sunrise Nutraceuticals

At ShipBuddies in addition to our experience and top of the line service, you will find these options available:

Custom Packaging

We know how vital it is for your business to build a recognizable and loved brand. We give you the option to use your own custom packaging to enhance the customer experience when they receive their orders.

2-Day Shipping

As mentioned above, 2-day shipping has become the gold standard for deliveries. People expect it either for free or for a very reasonable rate.

At ShipBuddies we have leveraged our client base and large number of shipments to negotiate the best rates with shipping carriers. We pass that savings on to our customers so that they can offer affordable, or even free, shipping without it eating away their margins.

Full Software Integration and Inventory Management

Our order fulfillment software easily integrates with all of the popular ecommerce platforms out there including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon, and others.

That means that when a customer places an order on your website, the information is immediately passed to our order fulfillment center. We can get to work on picking, packing, and shipping their order without delay.

The information exchange is not a one-way street. Our software also provides real-time inventory tracking back to your website.

Choose ShipBuddies For All of Your Supplement and Vitamin Order Fulfillment Needs

Want to learn more about how ShipBuddies can make your order fulfillment easy and hassle free? Request a no obligation free quote today to get started.

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