7 of Our Favorite Shopify Stores

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Ecommerce is predicted to account for as much of 17% of all retail sales by 2022. One of the fastest growing platforms leading that charge is Shopify. Shopfiy makes it easy for any ecommerce business, from a stay-at-home mom looking to sell handcrafted baby clothes to a large corporation with a product catalog numbering in the thousands, to get an online store up and running in no time. 

Shopify has been growing at an incredible rate, and the 2021 pandemic did nothing to slow that growth. You can find Shopify stores selling just about anything these days, and we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite stores based on their look and/or their line of products. Not only will you find great products in this list, but if you are a Shopify store owner yourself, you will find some inspiring design ideas.


Looking for a new rug for your living room or maybe a runner for the hallway? Ruggable has you covered. Ruggable lets you shop by size, color, or style for your next rug. 

Ruggable’s unique patented Rug System comes in two parts: a lightweight rug cover and a nonslip rug pad. The rug cover is completely washable. Even the 9×12 rugs will fit in your laundry machine. 

Sometimes, vacuuming just isn’t enough. As the owner of 3, sometimes crazy, dogs, I can appreciate this easy to clean, water and stain-resistant rug system, and the nonslip pads do a great job of keeping the rugs in place even as my crazy canines are chasing one another around the room.


What Huel offers is not a diet meal replacement system like you typically find in other shakes. Unlike diet shakes, Huel contains ingredients like oats, rice, peas, coconut, and flaxseed. This isn’t diet food. It’s real food.

Huel is affordable with servings starting at around $2 each. Besides being affordable, one of the big draws of Huel is meal-prep time savings. Just replacing your lunches each week with Huel could save you 2-5 hours or more per week.

You can purchase their flavor packs to spice up the shakes or do what many people do and mix them with fruit or things like almond milk to vary the taste.


Bombas was founded with a mission to help those in need, specifically at homeless shelters. They initially started with selling socks and for every pair of socks purchased they would donate a pair to homeless shelters. 

They have since expanded to other clothing items, but stuck to their mission. For every item you purchase, whether it is a pair of socks, a t-shirt, or a pair of slippers, an item gets donated to homeless shelters on your behalf. 

They have topped 46 million items donated so far. 

So before you buy dad yet another pair of socks for Father’s Day this year, think about buying from Bombas and help someone in need.


Having found that stylish cases did not offer much protection and protective cases were, well, ugly, Mous set out to create iPhone cases that offer extreme protection without being an eyesore. 

I love AppleCare, but as someone who has had to make that dreaded trip to the Apple Store on more than one occasion to take advantage of having a phone fixed or replaced, I fully appreciate anyone striving to build cases that will truly protect a phone. The fact that they also look good, making it easier to talk my teenage children into accepting one of their styles as an option is a huge bonus.

Since their start, Mous has since expanded into protective cases for other Apple products, the Samsung Galaxy line of phones, and the Google Pixel. 

The Ridge Wallet

Speaking of products that are strong and durable, meet The Ridge Wallet. It’s not the cheapest wallet you will find on the market, but it might be the last wallet you need to buy.

Sold exclusively through their ecommerce store, Ridge Wallet has a sleek design able to accommodate anywhere from 1 to 12 cards without leaving your wallet feeling like George Costanza’s. 

Unlike other similar wallets, The Ridge Wallet has a simple design for accessing your cards when you need them.

Inspire Uplift

Inspire Uplift started as a simple social media channel with the goal of spreading happiness, joy, and inspiration around the world. That idea later grew and developed into the idea of sharing fun, inspiring, and innovative products.

You will find everything from electronics, health and beauty products, to clothing on Inspire Uplift. With over 1 million customers, they continue to spread their positive message.


Established in 1976, Decathlon strives to offer the best gear at the best prices for over 80 sports. They look to cut spending on things like advertising, packaging, and more in order to make products that are affordable to every athlete without skimping on quality. 

They offer high quality athletic gear for bikers, swimmers, runners, skaters, racket sports, hikers, climbers, dancers, combat sports athletes, and more.

I hope you found some inspiring ideas from this list. Setting up your Shopify site is just one step in establishing your business online. The next step is solving the logistics of your order fulfillment for your Shopify store, which ShipBuddies is the perfect partner for.

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